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Privacy Policy

This document describes the way we gather, store and process personal data of customers & visitors using this website. The purpose is to describe in a clear and transparent way what happens with information you explicitly and implicitly pass to us during the ordering process and website browsing. This information is complementary to our general terms of service where we describe the ordering flow and conditions for placing the order. Here we focus mostly on the privacy angle and personal data storage aspects.

If any of the information presented here is unclear, you can reach out to us and ask for clarifications. This privacy policy has been adjusted to accomodate all required information & changes for GDPR regulation effective from 25 May, 2018.

At this point we’d like to note that the amount of information gather by us is fairly minimal and significantly lower than what you might expect from typical e-commerce sites like ours. We track and measure general quantitive metrics about the number of people visiting our site, sources of traffic, location (city/country) and general interest in pages/sub-pages. During the ordering process we ask for the most basic address information so that we know where to deliver the package and how to contact you in case of trouble.

Specifically we’d like to note that we do not use tracking pixels, we do not share info about traffic on our website with social media sites/search engines and we do not build personalized advertising/shopping profiles of our customers and guests.


As you browse our website we store some information on your computer which allows us to tweak the epxerience slightly to your liking. We store the following type of information:

  • Preffered site languate
  • Number of visited sub-pages to be able to offer newsletter subscription once you become interested
  • Kinds of promo/welcome messages you’ve already seen so that we don’t show redundant information twice
  • The fact if you accepted our privacy policy

You can remove all this information from your computer/device using a standard “cookie cleaning” functionality available in all modern web browsers.

Type of collected personal data

During the checkout procedure we ask you to provide personal data which is required to process your order and ship the package with the items you bought. Providing the data is obligatory but required for the order to be processed properly. The type of data we’re asking for, and the reason for collecting this particular data:

  • Name and surname – to ship the package to the right location
  • E-mail address – so that we can keep you up to date as the order is being processed
  • Phone – so that we can get in youch with you in case there are problems with the order
  • Postal code, City, Country, State – to ship the package to the right location

There is no possibility of creating an account in our webshop. Each order placed in the web shop is speparate from others (even those placed by the same customer) and cannot be aggregated. All the data collected during the checkout process is collected only for the purpose of fullfilling the sale/transaction agreement established during the checkout.

Aditionally, if you decide to subscribe to our newsletter we collect the following info:

Dodatkowo, jeżeli zdecydujesz się zapisać do naszego newsletter bez realizacji zamówienia pobieramy następujące dane:

  • E-mail address – in order to send you periodic information about new collections and promos.

Detailed information about Newsletter can be found in a separate section of this document.

Duration of personal data storage

The personal data you give us is used for:

  • Fullfilling the sale agreement
  • Shipping and delivering the package/items to your door
  • Processing of returns, warranty claims, size exchanges
  • To contact you in case of payment issues and refunds

Once all those obligations are no longer applicable or become fullfilled, we remove your personal data from our system. Im majority of cases this is 24 months unless other special considerations apply as described earlier.

Please take note that we do not create shopping profiles for our customers and as a result each order has it’s own lifespan and personal data expiration date.

You can change/delete and limit processing of your personal data

Upon your request, we can delete or change (update) any or all of your personal data. This can be done independently from our own procedures of periodical uneeded data deletion procedures. In order to proceed with your data deletion/change request we kindly ask you send request to our e-mail address

Please take note however, that despite your data deletion request we might still be required to keep some of the data available for our use due to other EU laws and taxation laws specific to our country of residence or specific to your country of residence. This is particularly truet with regard to data concering your name, surname, e-mail address and order number which need to be stored so that we can process requests specific to sale documentation, returns, taxation and warranty support.

Aditionally to that, you can request to terminate or limit processing of your personal data. Once this happens we pause the processing and fullfillment of your order (if applicable) and sale agreement. Limiting the data processing effectively means we will not keep you updated on order state and we will refrain from sending you any further marketing information.

Complementary to all that you can check/verify any of your data and be granted access to all data we store about you. Please take note here that we do not aggergate orders belonging to particular customers (there is no concept of account) and the primary mean of identyfying an order is the order number.

Finally, you can ask us to transfer your personal data to any other personal data processing entity. In this case, as with any other cases, we kindly ask you send request to our e-mail address.

Personal data transfer

As we’re processing your order we need to share some of your personal data with our partners to fullfill our service. Below is the list of companies & entities which can receive parts of your personal data:

  • UPS – we ship our packages using standard UPS carrier service. To be able to do so we need to share your address information with them. We’re also sharing your phone number which is used by the parcel delivery service to call you in case of trouble. UPS privacy policy
  • Dotpay – if you choose to pay using a credit/bank card, we share your name, surname, address and e-mail with Dotpay, our payment processor of choice. Please pay attention that Dotpay (like all other payment processors) asks for additional information during the payment process itself. We do not have access to this information (card number, security codes etc) and we do not process it in any way. Dotpay privacy policy
  • PayPal – similarly to Dotpay, if you choose to pay using PayPay we transfer your basic information (name, surname, address, e-mail) to PayPal which is used by them to pre-fill the payment details form. PayPay privacy policy
  • MailChimp – newsletter subscription is optional during the checkout process. If you decide to subscribe, we share you e-mail address (and name) with MailChimp which is our marketing automation platform. We do not run personalized marketing campaigns and everybody gets the same message at the same time. Mailchimp privacy policy

We do not transfer your data outside of EU.


During the checkout procedure you can optionally opt-in to recive a marketing newsletter which we use to perdiocally send interesting infos about promos and new collections. Optionally you can subscribe using a special form available in various sections of our website.

By entering your e-mail address in the form or by ticking the opt-in checkbox during checkout, you’re giving us consent for sending you marketing materials via e-mail newsletter. We DO NOT run personalized marketing campaigns and we DO NOT perform any other direct marketing actions.

You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us or by contacting us directly via e-mail and asking to delete your address.

Age limitation

As specified in our [general terms][/en/terms/], you need to be 18 years old to place an order in our shop. In case we recognize that an order has been placed by an underage person we instantly terminate the order processing and delete all personal data from our database.

We do not collect nor process personal data belonging to underage minors.


Until you place an order in our shop we do not collect any personal data nor any other information which could be used to identify your persona in the Internet or in the real life.