Pan Pantaloni

What is Pan Pantaloni?

We created Pan Pantaloni out of our love for children, clothes and the desire to give kids the opportunity to dress excitingly and comfortably.

We are a family business and have been lovingly making trousers for four years now! Being a family business means that we make everything ourselves (with a little help from our friends), and try to maintain some balance between work and all the other important things.

We prefer classic, vintage design, rather than the latest, ephemeral trends. We try to fill our wardrobes with fewer things but of higher quality. We don’t make clothes that are ‘cool’, we try to make things that are beautiful and practical.

The quality of our clothes is superior to that of most high street brands. We personally control every aspect of the production. All our products are produced in small batches in a friendly sewing and knitting shop here in Poland. All our fabrics have international Oeko-Tex®-Standard 100 certification and are safe for children.

Every product we offer goes through extensive testing by our own children and our friends’ children. They are the first testers of each new collection and its most serious critics!

Welcome to the world of Pan Pantaloni!