Pan Pantaloni

Blog, that is, our stories.

We’ve been blogging for a while now. Sometimes we write more, sometimes less. We writing things to remember who we are and who we were.

Berlin for beginners

Berlin, our love! We're happy to present our top 10 recommendations for parents with children in this fabulous city.

End of the Winter

The beginning of the year caught us by surprise. To end the winter properly we went for a short skiing trip to the Austrian glacier.


The year is slowly folding and we're approaching the festive part of the year. For kids across the world this is the most awaited holiday of the year — the XMAS time!


Leonia and her mother are indeed a beautiful company! Those idyllic landscapes and soft colors mix together in magical ways to form a transpecting kaleidoscope of childhood memories.

How to win a sheep

It's gorgeous. It's made from solid wood, plain sheep wool and real leather. Nothing artificial about that sheep! It can be yours!

Magic Forest

We've been following Milena and her photography for quite a while now. Those pictures capture the essence of childhood memories and dreams.