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How to win a sheep


We’ll say it right out of the gate — we had a really hard time keeping this one undercover. But the time has finally come to say farewell to our hairy brother and pass it along to one of our great readers and customers… and that could be You!

"Wait, what you’re talking about?" — you might ask, quite rightfully. Well, we mean the beautiful, magnificent, gorgeous rocking sheep you can see on the pictures here. It arrived few months ago straight from Denmark from our designer friend Povl Kjer who made it with his skilful hands.

Those of you who visited our stationary Showroom might have noticed it on the display… proudly overlooking the Warsaw city square!

But let’s talk about the sheep a bit more. It’s gorgeous. It’s made from solid wood, plain sheep wool and real leather. Nothing artificial about that sheep! It’s the real thing, a true companion for you and your family!

And the best part — one of you will win this Sheep for XMAS!

We were thinking quite a while about how to organise this competition. Those of you who were with us since the beginning might remember a drawing quiz we did a long time ago…

Back then, the goal was to guess the pictured animals as drawn by our friend Marcelina. Some of you pulled all the available family resources and tried solving the riddle together… lots of fun!

So this year we thought about doing something similar and having the fun again.

But this time it occurred to us we could try challenging the hidden filmbuff in you. Or, to put it differently — to see how well you know the popular cinema. If you watch and enjoy a lot of movies, the competition should be super-easy for you. But you need to be fast as well… or have some people handy to ask for help.

So here is the thing — how to win a sheep?

It’s easy. First you need to register to the competition using the form below. We’re starting the game next Friday (9th December 2016).

In the following 7 days after start, we’ll be sending you emoji-riddles containing hidden movie titles. The objective is to guess the title represented by the riddle and reply with the correct answer as fast as possible. For example:

  • 🇨🇳🏫— “Chinatown”
  • 👑💍 — ”Lord of the Rings”
  • 🚢 — “Titanic”

Easy as pie, right? We’ll be starting with simple riddles and it’ll become more difficult over time. The first riddle is valued 1 point. The second one is valued 2 points, the last (7th) is 7 points. Only the first 3 people to give a correct answer in a given day will collect points.

The person that collects most points during the game (ends 16th December) wins the sheep.

We’ll ship the prize to any address in Europe (including Switzerland, Norway, etc) right in time for XMAS! There will be also 2ndary and 3rd prize (coupon codes to be used in our shop) awarded to following top players.

(Registraion is closed now)

Some final remarks — the Sheep is brand-new, unused (except for the photos we made here). As the competition progresses, we’ll be sharing current scores!

Good luck!