Blue Turtleneck

Merino wool sweater. Polo neck, may be worn rolled up, or folded down revealing a contrasting jacquard detail.

The properties of merino wool mean that the body stays cool when the external temperature is hot, and stays warm in colder temperatures. Soft and gentle to touch, owing to extremely fine fibres. Merino doesn’t absorb moisture so even sticky necks won’t feel uncomfortable. Merino wool also has antibacterial and self-cleaning properties. Scandinavian mums insist that dirt from the garments can be simply shaken out of it. :) We can also tell you that merino wool doesn’t absorb nasty odours (like sweat), will not need washing after just one day of wearing and it is also… static resistant!

100% Merino wool

Care Instructions

Size Chart

2/4 (2-4 years) 4/6 (4-6 years) 6/8 (6-8 years) 8/10 (8-10 years)

Size completely sold out! Might be available...