Brick Check Skinnies

A slimmer fit variation on the flannel trousers with no lining. Soft to touch flannel will keep them warm on autumn days. A wide elasticated waist keeps trousers in place and a drawstring can adjust to even the smallest tummy. Pockets add charm and let your little one squirrel away all the autumn treasures found on the playground. Black stretch gusset on the inside made of soft cotton. The fit is designed in a way that allows for the bottom cuff to be rolled up, adjusting the leg length and allowing them to be worn as they grow into them.

100% Cotton

Care Instructions

Size Chart

92 (2 years) 98 (3 years) 104 (4 years) 110 (5 years) 116 (6 years) 122 (7 years) 128 (8 years) 134 (9 years)

Size completely sold out! Might be available...