Red Raster Pants

A signature PanPantaloni model for colder weather. Soft and very practical flannel trousers with cotton lining. Contrasting pockets add charm and let your little one squirrel away all the autumn treasures found on the playground. Trousers suitable for every body type. They let the children explore the world around them freely and happily even during the colder months of the year. A longer fitted cuff can be rolled up, pulled over boots or tucked into wellies. The softest and most practical trousers imaginable for your little one!

100% cotton + 92% cotton, 8% elastane

Care Instructions

Size Chart

92 (2 years) 98 (3 years) 104 (4 years) 110 (5 years) 116 (6 years) 122 (7 years) 128 (8 years) 134 (9 years)

Size completely sold out! Might be available...