Pan Pantaloni

End of the Winter


The beginning of the year caught us by surprise. Kids were sick, the SMOG problem came out of the blue upon us and the overall spirit was just not there. But that’s all behind us now and with the spring knocking at our doors we’re ready for new adventures!

To end the winter properly we went for a short skiing trip to the Austrian glacier.

Actually, the holidays started at the lovely Flushing Meadows hotel in Munich where we had some last-minute business chores to finalise. The FM (and it’s lovely rooftop bar!) is our favourite in Minga, pardon my bavarian. While hanging around, we visited two great kids-friendly places. The first one is Deutsches Museum.

We spent almost a complete day at DM, which was not enough to see everything and have all the fun! Before visiting the actual exhibits we recommend to warm up in the kids zone at the bottom of the building. Later move up to the higher floors with exciting exhibits such as salt/coal mine, great 19-th century factory installaions etc. At the top floor there’s a typical German cantina where you can enjoy a curry sausage. 🌭 💪

Next day we went to the Museum of Transportation, a place highly recommended by one of our customers. It’s a great gig as well, but we wished more of the models (cars, trains, trucks…) would be accessible and could be actually touched!

After Munich we went to the Alps and this is where the real fun started. We stayed at a typically Austrian thermal familly-run hotel with it’s roots dating back to the sixties. With it’s rugged carpets, wooden panelling and a slightly retro-design it’s not something you’d call a “modern luxury”… And that is exactly the point! This is the kind of style goes great with a skiing trip and the alpine experience.

Winter sports with kids are… well, not exactly as exciting as when you’re single 😜 But not all is not lost — what you give up in adrenaline you get back in all the fun and beautiful mountain views that you can enjoy together. Bruno pretty much learned to ski during this single season and was downhilling like crazy on our last days.

For Sonia, 3yrs old, it was more about the pink skis and the pink suit — less about riding itself. The worst drama stroke when the tiger on the ski got covered with snow 🙂

We hope you all enjoyed a little bit of “true winter” this season as well. For us the trip was super-energizing and we’re ready for the spring to come! ⚡ 👊🏻

And yes… we know that you’re waiting too. We’re slowly folding up our winter collection and starting the final sale! We’re closing winter next Friday (17th) and till then you can enjoy up to -70% discounts on the remaining sizes and items. Remember, you can pay online with a credit card or ask for a PayPal invoice.

See you in the springtime!