Pan Pantaloni




Servus! The year is slowly folding and we’re approaching the festive part of the year. For kids across the world this is the most awaited holiday of the year — the XMAS time! When it comes to us, well, one can’t call us “kids” anymore really… 😁 But hey, we’re waiting too — to get some time off, disconnect a bit and spend some time together. Meanwhile, in-between all the busy preparations we found some time to slow down and do a little xmas photoshoot with our little ones.

It turned out pretty great for everybody. We had a great time and the kids enjoyed the early opportunity for practicing the Christmas tree decoration skills \U0001F384\U0001F609 . Hopefully you can see it too in the photos!

Following up on this festive ambience we scheduled some nice treats for the last-minute moms looking for special cloths for the special occasions.

Kids should feel great & comfortable. let’s not overdress them just for the sake of the occasion. That’s why we selected & discounted some of our top picks - tartan dresses, pearl-knitted sweaters, tunics, jackets and all skinnies. Skinnies, unlike our other warm pants this season, will work great in the glowing-hot celebration ambience.

In this magical time of the year we wish you and your families magnificent White Christmas 🎅❄️ … if you can find some snow 😏. Let’s make sure we all spend some time sweet-doing-nothing, appreciating the gifts and enjoying some quality time with our beloved ones. Merry Christmas!